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I met Maria in Dubai in 2019. I had a rather disabling disorder which no doctor or specialist had been able to solve or improve, despite many tests done and medicines taken. Maria treated me with Pranic Healing, it was a very gentle and relaxing therapy. After two months with two weekly sessions,  my disorder was gone to 90%. Once back in my country Maria did distance healing whenever needed. I am extraordinary happy and I feel so grateful to Maria for her Pranic Healing.

Mariella Dolci

I had the chance to spend time with Maria around a year in Dubai. In our community I gave yoga sessions followed by her amazing singing bowl / sound healing sessions. She has always been there with her beautiful soul, naturally gifted calm energy. Listening to her singing bowls has always been healing as she creates a confident and relaxing space and lets you dive into your own wellness. I strongly recommend her for the ones who are looking for a deep relaxation while listening to the magical singing bowls.

Missing her physically in Dubai, I wish her all the best, love & light in her continuing journey.

Oyku Gunozgen Topkaya, Yoga Teacher

Maria is a healer with a high level of professionalism, expertise and compassion. She is a blessing that came into my life at the right time. I had been suffering from Back pain on and off for a few years and had tried many different therapies. After a few sessions with Maria where she used a variety of treatments, I experienced a Miracle! She had used a combination of Pranic Healing and Singing Bowl Massage and my back pain completely disappeared and its now been over two years of being pain free! Her Access Bars sessions are truly amazing, where I always felt a great burst of energy and relaxation and made me ready to face the world. I highly recommend Maria and wish her the very best.

Sajjad Maniar

I had my wonderful first session with Maria with no idea what to expect yet with an open mind. Maria is so caring and gentle and I felt immediately at ease and relaxed. Each session was different and powerful in its own way making me feel more light, calm, giving me more clarity and focus. 


Being a stay-at-home mom of a 6-year old and a toddler, any mom would understand that there will be some elevated stress from time to time (apart from the lovely moments of course). I heard of the singing bowls sessions by Maria and thought why not give it a try. After an hour of the singing bowl session, it literally felt like I went for a 3-day holiday at the beach! I felt so relaxed and extra patient (with my kids). The sound of the bowls and the tickling of water somehow gave me that peaceful energy within. It was really such a wonderful and positive experience. 

Criselda Bohun

Maria´s sessions are an amazing treatment for a soul and body heal. I remember my first session with her I was burdened with a lot of physical and emotional issues: body pain, anxious, down, exhausted and drained. After the session I felt lighter, relaxed, happy and focused. Literally, I felt like flying, like a butterfly. I was skipping on the ground not walking. Every time I got a session with her either a single therapy or a combination of different treatments, I got a favorable and variable results and all in all I felt relaxed, energized and recovered from physical pain too. 

It is Maria´s pure soul that connects to help and heal. She is a generous soul that goes above and beyond. I highly recommend Maria for any therapy and treatment, as I tried them all. I have all love, respect and appreciation for her.

Manal Alsaigh

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