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Energy Exchange


The easiest form of energy exchange is in form of money. However I would like to give anyone the opportunity to receive a healing session independent of their financial background. The below prices are guidelines, please feel free to give your own amount as per your capacity.


My experiences have shown that the different healing methods can be combined for a maximum benefit. Depending on the type of ailment, a healing session will last 60min to 90min. 


   ∞   60 minutes: CHF 100.-

   ∞   90 minutes: CHF 130.-


Packages of 5 sessions: Get 10% off:

   ∞   5 x 60 minutes: CHF 450.- 

   ∞   5 x 90 minutes: CHF 590.-

Packages of 12 sessions: Get 20% off:   

   ∞   12 x 60 minutes: CHF 960.- 

   ∞   12 x 90 minutes: CHF 1´250.-


   ∞   Singing Bowl Meditation for groups:  CHF 30.- pP


   ∞   Space Clearing: CHF 100.-

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