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Did you know, that a sound bed creates a cosmic tune that has been used in ancient times?
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The sound bed, also called monochord, is designed by our Swiss friend Hans Hägi-Santana ( It has 55 strings tuned to the note F (172.06 Hz). According to the book "Cosmic Octave" by astronomer and mathematician Hans Cousto, the cosmic tune F represents the Platonic Year of the Earth, the period in which the Earth completes one cycle around the sun.


According to the Cosmic Octave, F correlates with the crown chakra. It supports cheerfulness and clarity of spirit and supports cosmic unity on highest levels. In ancient China the tone F played an important role in spiritual life. The frequency of the platonic year is the gate to spiritual heaven and the connecting link to the Tao in its most pure form.

The treatment with the sound bed is a very effective method for deep relaxation. The whole body is embedded in sounds and the vibration can be felt deep inside the body. In addition to the basic tone F an "orchestra" of harmonics begins to supplement the basic vibrations. These harmonics act on a more subtle level and can release deep-seated blockages.

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